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Recommended Reading

The following books contain a wealth of information on traditional styles for hunting bags, powder horns, accessories, and decoration.

du Mont, John S. American engraved powder horns: the golden age, 1755-1783 Canaan, N.H.: Phoenix, c1978. 

Grancsay, Stephen V. American engraved powder horns Philadelphia: Ray Riling Arms Book Co., 1965, c1946.

Grant, Madison:
The Kentucky rifle hunting pouch, its contents and accoutrements as used by the frontiersman, hunter, and Indians York, Penn.: The Author, c1977

The knife in homespun America and related items York, Penn.: Maple Press Co., c1984
Powder horns and their architecture York, Penn.: Maple-Vail Book Mfg. Group, c1987

Guthman, William H.:
Powder horns of the French and Indian Wars, 1755-1763. Antiques, 114, #2 (August 1978): pp 312-331.

Drums a’beating, trumpets sounding, artistically carved powder horns in the provincial manner 1746-1781 Lunnenburg, Vermont: Stinehour Press, c1993

Minnis, Gordon B. American Primitive Knives 1770-1780 Bloomfield, Ontario KOK 1GO: Museum Restoration Service, c1983.

Neumann, George C.:
Collector’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of the American Revolution Harrisburg, Penn.: Stackpole Books, c1975. Reprint: Texarkana, Texas, Rebel Publishing Co.
Swords and Blades of the American Revolution c1973. Reprint: Texarkana, Texas, Rebel Publishing Co.

Swayze, Nathan L. Engraved powder horns of the French and Indian Wars and Revolutionary War era Yazoo City, Miss.: Gun Hill, c1978

Web, Jim Sketches of hunting pouches, powder horns, and accoutrements of the Southern Appalachia 1998 additional information. Limited edition of 800 copies. c1990.

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