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Image: Erwin Tschanz and his wife Julie dressed in 18th century clothing outside their tent at Fort Niagara

Welcome, my friend, to Gen-Nis-He-Yo Trading Co. (from the Seneca word for “Land of the Beautiful Valley”). My name is Erv Tschanz. During most of the year I am a landscape contractor, which leaves me time during the winter to dedicate to my hobby, turned business in 1979.

I’ve been making an assortment of reproduction 18th and early 19th century horn, leather, and treen (wood) items over the past 50 years. Making something with technology from over 200 years ago gets me excited. Many of the methods have been lost with time and have to be rediscovered.

In 1980, I was awarded the titles of Master Horn-smith and Journey-man Leather Worker by the Brigade of the American Revolution, based on samples of my work. I am one of the founding members of the Honorable Company of Horners and have a master’s rating.

I feel that I have a good understanding of horn working and the processes involved in working horn in its natural, pressed, and turned forms. The list of horn items include: powder horns, priming and pocket horns, turned needle cases, mugs, beakers, boxes, bullet and shot tips, spoons, and oil bottles. I make a number of treen ware items that are copied from original 18th century pieces. They include plates, bowls, tumblers, goblets, serving bowls, trays, cutting boards, and some Native American style bowls, spoons, and water drums. I also produce a variety of knives and tomahawks. We have a selection of leather goods like hunting pouches, knife and tomahawk cases, wallets, notebooks, flint wallets, bullet bags, shot snakes, belts, and straps. All of our leather goods are made from vegetable tanned leathers and are finely hand-sewn with linen thread and finished with the best dies and dressings.

Thank you again for choosing Gen-Nis-He-Yo Trading Company. Take your time and browse through our extensive catalog. We hope we have made it easy and fun to select the items you want. Remember, while you look, that these are not just useful items but also beautiful, handmade reminders of our American heritage that you will treasure for years.

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